Building & Remodeling High Performance, Green, Energy Saving Homes in Southern Arizona.

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This Page was updated on May 14, 2012

The Builder

As Tucson native and the first contractor and builder in Southern Arizona to build a U.S. Green Building Council LEED Certified Home, I am committed to building and remodeling homes with principles that exceed national standards and create less impact on the environment. I also provide consulting services if you are considering greening your

The Company

Gipson Corwin Homes was established in 2004 as an LLC and has completed several remodels and homes throughout Tucson. All designs are developed and drafted by me and separately engineered if out of prescriptive code. A variety of home designs are available. Design services are also available for your own plan ideas.


 There are several advantages to remodeling and expanding your existing residence and which I can provide design and build services to ease the process and help improve the energy efficiency and performance of your home.

Build Lots Available with or without home plans

  • Located in NW Tucson, near the Saguaro National Monument.  MLS numbers: Go to and look up #20831887 for the smaller house at 2000 sq. ft. and #20831864 for the lager version at 2278 sp. ft. Lots are also available for purchase without homes. Please call or email for more information.

Home plans are designed for Energy Savings, Green attributes and environmental advantages with a variety of size options.

This small 1400 sf. home is designed to be a zero energy home, with solar electric, solar water and highly energy efficient. Email for more information on how a home achieves Zero Energy status.


Anthony Kitchen

This custom kitchen features environmentally responsible cabinetry and counter tops, energy efficient appliances and other beautifully appointed details.

Certify your next house, GREEN!

This home Designed and built by Gipson Corwin Homes was the First LEED Certified Home in Southern AZ. Certification Level Silver.

LEED, is a designation from the US Green Building Council which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.





Rebates & incentives

Energy Efficiency

Includes: Tight Construction, Improved Thermal Systems, Right-Sized HVAC, Framing and Sheathing, Lighting Efficiency and Energy Star Appliances.

Water Efficiency

Includes: Low-Flow/High Efficiency Toilets, High Performance Appliances, Engineered Plumbing Systems

Indoor Environmental Quality

Includes: Duct Tightness, Right-Sized HVAC, Combustion Safety, Fresh Air and Spot Ventilation, Air Balancing, Internal Moisture Management, Low or NO-VOC paint, Low or NO-VOC carpets,


Includes: Advanced Framing Techniques, Air Barrier, Thermal Barrier, Internal Moisture Management

Sustainable Sites

Includes: No invasive plants, limited turf, drought tolerant plantings, permeable materials (driveway)


Teaching the occupants about living in a Green home and also educating the public.